Enhanced Knowledge and Risk Analysis


1. Strategic risk analysis 


This activity aims to develop a strategic risk analysis of the illegal trade and management of problematic waste streams, and illegal production and trade of mercury-added products. This activity will include an assessment of good practices in intelligence-led investigations at the European level, with specific focus on the project countries, namely in Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands and Slovakia. 


Moreover, due to the relevance for the project scope and areas of action, the assessment will cover selected countries in CEE/Balkan region and Africa, which are among the main destinations of illegal trade in waste and mercury-added products. 


The assessment will be carried out through semi-structured interviews and and online questionnaires to authorities, as well as to practitioners and experts. An overall desk review will also be conducted on the different target regions. 

2. Guidelines on the preparation of annual plans and enforcement strategies 

This activity aims to advance practical know-how for the preparation of national enforcement strategies and annual plans regarding illegal management and trade of specific problematic waste streams (e-waste, ELVS, batteries and other waste mercury), and illegal production and trade in mercury added products.