Josè Antonio Alfaro Moreno – Europol


Josè Antonio Alfaro Moreno, since 1996, has  joined the Spanish Army in 1996 and after 3 years he joinedand then the Guardia Civil where he gained expertise in public security and criminal investigation issues, including the command of a local police station for two years. In 2007 he joined SEPRONA (Environmental Protection Service of Guardia Civil) as head of a regional investigation unit in the sSouth of Spain. In the meantime, he cooperated on a regular basis with SEPRONA HQ concerning planning of operational and strategic activities at (national level, ) as well as international level, participating in international trainings and fora. In 2016 Mr. Alfaro Moreno joined Europol in order to carry out operational activities concerning environmental crime until the opening of AP EnviCrime in ending 2017. In December 2019 he was appointed as team leader of AP EnviCrime.


Concerning his participation in STRIKE project, Europol is currently dealing with illegal mining crimes in Central and South America as part of an EMPACT activity and the JAGUAR network (European and Ibero-aAmerican investigators specialized in environmental crime). In this regard, the trafficking of mercury is definitely linked to illegal mining. Therefore, the retro alimentation between the work done in the mentioned activity and STRIKE project could benefit both counterparts, with Europol playing the role of “bridge”. The possibility of production of strategic reports on the topic could be assessed, as well as the spread of the products between the networks in which we take part, EU MS and Third Parties.