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Kateřina Weissová studied law in Prague, Czech Republic. She graduated in law in in Prague, Czech Republic and since 2001 and started to work as trainee in 2002 at Public Prosecutor´s Office in Prague. Since 2005 she started working worked as public prosecutor,r dealing also with wildlife crime (district of Prague airport). She started to participate in wildlife crime working group, developing strategies for better communication, case management and cooperation within the enforcement chain. She has experience in Eurojust. Since 2017 she is prosecutor at High Public Prosecutor´s Office in Prague specialising in economic crime, international cooperation and environmental crime, e.g. waste crime, which is represented in the majority of cases by illegal waste shipment and illegal waste dumping. She joined ENPE as member representative in 2017 and Working Group 4 of the Life ENPE Project (Sanctioning, prosecution and adjudication). She participated in the 8th round of Mutual Evaluations related to environmental crime, is member of two working groups (waste and wildlife crime) in Czechia, represents Czech public prosecution service in negotiations on environmental analytical and strategical documents and is liaison officer for communication with other enforcement agencies. Since 2017 she also participates in training of prosecutors, judges, police officers, customs and inspectorate officers. As public prosecutor she deal also with environmental crime e.g. waste crime, which is represented in the majority of cases by illegal waste shipment and illegal waste dumping. She has no specific experience with mercury waste. As liaison officer of Czech public prosecution service she deals with requests regarding environmental cases from other enforcement bodies in Czech Republic, take part in organizing joint actions, developing common strategies and facilitating mutual cooperation. She gathers information from respective prosecutors about their significant cases and about the court verdicts. In cooperation with the police, Czech Environmental Inspection and Customs they organize joint trainings for prosecutors, judges, police officers, customs and inspectors. As ENPE member representative she takes part in international events and workshops. She is in particular active in Working Group 4 of the LIFE ENPE Project that deals with Sanctioning, prosecution and adjudication of environmental cases and also in two working groups in Czech Republic (waste and wildlife crime). TheShe is motivatedion to join the STRIKE project, as a member of the ENPE, is to find out more about waste related crime, to share her knowledge and experts, to learn new approaches both in combating of crime and in training and to meet other colleagues dealing with environmental crime. Ms. Weissová’s Her experience is mainly in prosecution and adjudication of environmental cases in Czech Republic, experience in lecturing and understanding the difficulties in communication among respective enforcement agencies in one state as well as among colleagues from other states.

The STRiKE project is funded by the European Union's Internal Security Fund - Police (ISFP-2018-AG-OC-869173)

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The University of Lumerick is the lead institution of the project consortium