Marc De Strooper- Department of Environment and
 Spatial Development in Flanders, Belgium

Marc De Strooper has been working in the past 13 years in road and port Inspections as a specialist for plastic and rubber scrap at Public Waste Agency of Flanders (OVAM). He has also 7 years of experience in federal environmental inspections at national level (Belgium). Since 2015, Mr. De Strooper joined the Flemish Environment Inspection Division on the field, conducting environmental inspections at ports and fighting waste crimes. He also a member of the European Working Group on Waste Shipment Inspections, in cooperation with customs, and he has joined in several TFS and INECE training sessions in West-Africa and South-East-Asia. In relation to STRiKE objectives and activities, Mr. De Strooper brings his long time experience on how to detect and recognise organised crime in the trade of problematic waste streams. His valuable knowledge in port inspections acquired in one of the biggest ports in Europe, will be an added value to the STRiKE project, in particular in identifying specific training needs for customs officials involve in the fight against illegal shipments of waste.

The STRiKE project is funded by the European Union's Internal Security Fund - Police (ISFP-2018-AG-OC-869173)

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The University of Lumerick is the lead institution of the project consortium