Marion Stelling – Netherlands Forensic Institute

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Marion Stelling works as a forensic scientist at the Environmental Forensics research unit of the Netherlands Forensics Institute (NFI). She is educated at Utrecht University, the Netherlands and specialized in environmental toxicology. The reliability of the sampling process at various environmental crime scenes is besides environmental toxicology one of her mayor research topics. The NFI Environmental Forensics research unit is dedicated to technical research in environmental criminal cases, it conducts R&D within this research area and provides trainings for the Dutch police academy and the Dutch training centre for judges, prosecutors and support staff. Environmental Forensics is multidisciplinary. In the Netherlands there is a focuss on illegal activities with (hazardous) wastes and contaminated soils, incidents in chemical industries with fatalities & health risks, illegal import/export/trade in all kinds of materials and attempts to illegally recycle and dispose materials/wastes.