Peter Maxon – Zero Mercury Working Group

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Peter Maxson, Director of the consultancy Concorde East/West Sprl, based in Brussels, has diplomas in engineering and business administration. During the last 20 years Mr. Maxson has worked for the Zero Mercury Working Group and other NGOs, the European Commission, various UN agencies and others on a range of mercury issues, especially those concerning mercury-added products and mercury trade, and the challenges related to the implementation of the Minamata Convention on Mercury. Among other projects, he authored the UNEP mercury trade report (2017). He co-authored a report on North American mercury trade (2018) for the Commission on Environmental Cooperation. He contributed to the 2018 Global Mercury Assessment (2019). He was credited for his support to the UNU report, “Waste Mercury Perspective, 2010-2035.”. He gave a presentation, “Illegal mercury trade,” at the OECD side event, “Integrity and control of mercury supply chains,” at Minamata COP-2. He authored the mercury chapter for the recent GRID-Arendal report on illegal chemicals trade (2020) and he. He is currently involved in a mercury trade tracking project in Peru (2019-2021). Some key contribution of STRIKE activities to the work of the ZMWG could be expanding the network of stakeholders dealing with illegal trade of mercury-added products and wastes as well as improving themy understanding of illegal trade methods, quantities,  and pathways of illegal trade, and forensic detection methods. On the other side, the work of the ZMWG on the Minamata Convention, with the Parties involved, and their challenges and strategies with regard to enforcement of trade bans could be useful for the STRIKE project. More specifically Peter Maxon’s understanding of key mercury-added product producers, supply chains, global and regional demand etc. and his research into illegal trade methods and actors will also provide useful insights to the overall project.