ISF-P Environmental Crime Projects Joining Effort

On Friday 30th October 2020 the STRiKE, OPFA WASTE and Ambitus projects, awarded in the context of the Internal Security Fund – Police 2018 call for proposals, joined a multi-lateral round table to align activities and share environmental crime survey results.

Questionnaire’s preliminary feedbacks were presented (from police, port authorities, prosecutors, judges, customs, environmental and inspection authorities, ministries, from European Union and third countries). Waste routes, types and quantities of debris illegally traded, as well as OCGs modus operandi were discussed and analysed among participants. An overall alignment of results emerged between the surveys, although each project targeted slightly different topics and stakeholders.

The need for improved police cooperation at transnational level, specialized training on modern technologies and enhanced specialization of judicial authorities in the environmental crime sector were flagged. Also, the necessity to enhance financial and patrimonial investigations’ competences for greater effectiveness in tackling organized crime in IWT sector was mentioned as a critical point.

Teams from OPFA WASTE, STRiKE and Ambitus projects during the meeting

The meeting, bringing together the three projects for the first time, took place in the context of the first OPFA WASTE Operational Workshop for updating investigative methodologies. Synergies searched between initiatives aim at constantly ensuring positive spill overs.

For more information on how to join future technical forums on updating investigative methodologies do not hesitate to reach out via website in the contact us section or via email. The STRiKE team will keep you posted on future activities.

Stay tuned and head over to our Twitter account @STRiKE_EU !

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