Newsletter N.2 December 2020

Updates from the STRIKE project

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The research activities of the STRIKE project started before the summer with the development and dissemination of a joint questionnaire to support the Strategic Risk Analysis, the Training Needs Assessment and the Guidelines on the preparation of annual plans and enforcement strategies.

Training Needs Assessment

As part of the capacity building and skills acquisition activities, the project carried out a Training Needs Assessment (TNA) to identify the current gaps and specific training needs of the actors involved in the enforcement chain, including police, customs, national environmental inspectorates, judges and prosecutors and any other relevant stakeholder.

The questionnaire was targeted at authorities involved in the compliance and enforcement of illegal trade and management of waste and mercury (including environmental inspectorates, police authorities, customs authorities, prosecutors, judges, national governments and international organisations). It was divided in 4 sections: Section I: Illegal Trade and Management; Section II: Intelligence Led Enforcement; Section III: Annual Plans and Enforcement Strategies; and Section IV: Training Needs Assessment.

Partners, associate partners and H-LAB members were invited to complete the survey and helped us disseminating the questionnaire among their networks. In total, 57 questionnaires from national authorities in 39 countries were collected from July until the end of August 2020.

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