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Updates from the STRIKE project

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Enhanced knowledge and risk analysis of waste related crime and mercury-added products

One of the aims of the STRIKE project is to enhance knowledge and understanding of illegal trade and management of problematic waste streams. Two main activities to achieve this are the development of the Strategic Risk Analysis and the Guidelines on the preparation of Annual plans and Enforcement Strategies.

Strategic Risk Analysis

The Strategic Risk Analysis Report has been finalised!

Access to this report is restricted to law enforcement authorities. Are you working in law enforcement and interested in this report? Please contact us via the Strike Project Website

The strategic risk analysis is a broad assessment of risks and trends in the illegal trade and management of problematic waste streams, and illegal production and trade of mercury-added products. The Strategic Risk Analysis is based on information provided by 57 law enforcement authorities and key experts through a joint-questionnaire and interviews. The following risks and trends of illegal trade and disposal/management of waste are assessed: problematic waste streams, quantities of waste, routes, modus operandi and the involvement of organised crime groups. The report provides an overview table with risks and trends of specific waste streams (e-waste, plastics and paper waste, ELVs and tires, bio-medical waste, mercury waste, municipal and household waste, metal waste and construction & demolition waste). The final chapter of the report gives recommendations and best practices in intelligence-led inspections and investigations.

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