STRIKE Webinar #3 Building back better

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The impacts of Covid-19 on illegal waste management and environmental inspections

The third STRIKE webinar "Covid 19" organized by University of Limerick will take place on Wednesday 30th June from 11:00-12:00am CET.

The webinar will present the results of the STRIKE Strategic Risk Analysis on trends observed during the initial lock down phases of Covid-19. This included the impacts of Covid-19 on illegal waste management and shipment. The inspectorate division of the Irish Environmental Protection Agency will share experiences and good practices from their adaptation to working under Covid-19 protocols.


You can register at the following link.


  • Yvonne Ryan, University of Limerick

  • Susan van den Brink, UNITAR

  • Mick Henry, Irish Environmental Protection Agency

Online Etiquette

· At the beginning of the meeting, all participants are encouraged to switch on their cameras in order to facilitate effective communication.

· Please mute your microphone when you are not speaking.

· Please use the chat if you would like to intervene or ask a question. Your question will either be directly addressed, or you will be called on to elaborate.

Technical problems?

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