On September 20th, UNITAR-SCYCLE organized a restricted webinar for trainers, to present and test the training materials developed within the EC-funded project STRiKE. Environmental inspectors, prosecutors, police officers acting as trainers in their own institutions, and coming from different EU countries, attended the event. Also representatives from international organizations such as the Basel Convention and the Minamata Secretariat took part to the online seminar.

One of the key areas of action of the project STRiKE, in fact, is capacity building and skills development. The UNITAR-SCYCLE team has been developing a set of training materials – including a training curriculum and a participants’ handbook covering the main topics of the project STRiKE: problematic waste streams (e-waste, plastic waste, ELVs, waste mercury etc.); a specific module on mercury added products and mercury waste for customs; forensics and environmental damages estimation; inspection and detection; investigation and intelligence; prosecution and sentencing.

Thanks to the inputs of the expert trainers attending the event, all the materials will be further improved and finalized in view of the upcoming training sessions that will take place under the lead of the 4 STRiKE project countries – Slovakia, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands. Moreover, considering the needs of shifting all the training activities from face2face to online events, due to the effects of the Covid-19, the group tested a number of innovative online tools, that will allow more interactive and effective capacity building with practitioners.

For further information on the project STRiKE please visit: https://www.strikeproject.org/


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