Sipke Havinga - Inspectorate for Human Environment
and Transport in The Netherlands
rijkspasfoto s.havinga.jpg

Sipke Havinga, as co-ordinating inspector, has almost 30 years of experience at the Dutch Inspectorate for Human Environment and Transport (ILT). After his Bachelor in Agricultural-Environment studies, he has been involved in several different environmental aspects related to the work of ILT, in particular the implementation and enforcement of new environmental legislation and procedures of inspections and transports. Since 2015, Mr. Havinga assists the team that executes the classification of international shipment of waste (TFS) and conducted an investigation on mercury-containing waste in the Netherlands which allowed him to acquire additional knowledge of most processes in which mercury waste can be expected. Mr. Havinga considers the STRiKE project as an opportunity to foster international cooperation in this particular field.